Thursday, October 9, 2008


I'm starting to think about what I want to be for Halloween.

Although this is a very sacred time of year for me, I rarely get a chance to celebrate the secular Halloween. We're not allowed to wear costumes to work (grief counselor. It just ain't appropriate.) and I live in an apartment so it's not like I get any trick-or-treaters. But Raven has invited me to come with her to take Schuyler and Ryan trick-or-treating and I was so touched by the invitation that I decided I should make them all proud. Now I just an idea for a costume.

I have a really great 50's inspired party dress that Hannah made for the wedding I officiated last year. I was thinking I could add an over-the-top wig, an apron, and rubber gloves and I could go as a housewife. But the outfit won't look right without heels and there is no way I'm letting the twins drag me around the neighborhood in heels.

I don't want to buy a costume because all the women's costumes in stores are uber skanky. Has anybody else noticed that? Why are all women's costumes slutwear? Why can't women go as werewolves, non-sexy vampires, or astronauts? Why are we relegated to "scary" versions of the Playboy bunny?

Hell, the Playboy bunny is plenty scary enough without Halloween's help.

Also found out today that Audra has given her notice to go work in private practice. Not only am I excited for her--she's never really liked working for a non-profit--I'm excited for myself, too, as there's a good possibility that I can interview for her position. That doesn't mean I'll get it, of course (especially if Audra goes around telling the powers that be that I'm no good with men) but the opportunity to show what I can do could be golden. Don't have any details yet like salary range or anything, but I"m still keeping my fingers crossed.

Coven meeting tonight. I am thinking about baking some brownies to bring along. I'm curious to see how the tombstones are turning out. I'm starting to feel slightly guilty about that.

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